NCRA Director-General Departs for Cannes, France for Meeting of Open Standard Secured Identity Alliance Initiative.

(Freetown, 24th November 2019) The Director-General of NCRA, Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi departs today for a 2 day Conference and Inaugural Advisory Board meeting of Open Standard Secured Identity Alliance Initiative in Cannes, France, from the 26 to the 27 November. Mr. Massaquoi has been nominated to serve on the Board that is to be inaugurated during this session.

The Secure Identity Alliance Board meeting presents a global opportunity to discuss progress made on the OSIA technical and functional specifications as well as discuss best practices to prevent any form of lock-in on the non-technical aspects of service.

The Secure Identity Alliance Initiative reflects the commitments of the ID Sector to work with Governments across the world to address interoperability and lock-in issues through which the world  can achieve the development, mature and secure ID systems, support the provision of legal trusted identity for all and the development of inclusive digital Identity services necessary for sustainable, worldwide economic growth and prosperity.

The objective of the OSIA initiative Mr. Massaquoi said is not new to Sierra Leone as the New Direction Government of President Bio already embraces digital Identity system, innovation, use of technology for economic growth and human capital development with interoperability of national data systems leading the path on Government’s Agenda in Sierra Leone. Mr. Massaquoi was confident that Sierra Leone is better placed and equipped to share her experience with other countries across the world on the management of an integrated data management system incorporating secured identity for the development of our people and our nation. This he said is made possible through partnership and collaboration as assured by H.E President Bio at the 2019 United Nations General  Assembly.

Mr. Massaquoi returns home on the 28th of November with a resounding hope that Sierra Leone will continue to attract global attention in the new digital epoch.

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