Death Registration

There were 19,739 deaths reported in 2021 compared to 20,499 in 2020. More males than females continue to die as evidenced by a sex ratio at the death of 114, indicating that there are 114 male deaths per 100 female deaths reported. About 48 percent of the reported deaths occurred in health facilities compared to 52 percent occurring at home. 

Death registration in 2021 amounted to 19,114 (97% of reported) as compared to 19,277 in 2020. For Sex wise registration in 2021, males and females accounted for 54% and 46% respectively. About 99 percent of the registered deaths in 2021 were registered on time, that is, within 90 days of the death occurring as stipulated by law.

Higher proportions of deaths in 2021 were in January and July for the general population but under-five deaths which account for about 26% of total deaths, were concentrated in August (the peak of the rainy season). Additionally, the data suggest that infant deaths account for more than half (58%) of under-five deaths. Table 2 below displays the sex-wise distribution of deaths among infants, including neonates.

Table 2: Sex-wise distribution of deaths among infants