Marriage and Divorce


The procedure of the Statute governing the Registration and after solemnization of marriage is set out in Section 61 of the NCR Act which requires both Parties to inform the NCRA of their intention to become Husband and Wife.

It is the duty of the Registry official to commence a background check on the Parties concerned by accessing the Civil Register for vital information relating to their status and eligibility before a Marriage Registration Form requesting their personal details is issued to be filled.  

In cases where any of the parties is not registered, it is the responsibility of the Registrar to request the party to complete the Civil Registration process in order to obtain the National Identification Number (NIN).

In the absence of any of the party the Registrar should request for any form of Identity of the person in the form of Passport, Driver’s License and National Identification Card. The Registration Officer will then take the verification form and the marriage Certificate to any of the Officiating officers for verification. When the marriage Certificate is verified, the Registration Officer will then continue the process of registration of the Certificates which will eventually be signed by the Director General. The Registration officer will summon the Party to collect the Certificate of Registration together with the Marriage Certificate. The processing cost is Two hundred thousand Leones (SLL200,000).


The Registration of divorce is another Vital Event to be registered as mandated by the NCR Act which is in section 62. The Court Order which is described as Decree Absolute from the High Court of Sierra Leone and final Divorce Certificate when granted needs to be registered at the National Civil Registration Authority. When the Court Order reached the Authority’s office, the Registration Officer released the Divorce Registration form to the Clerk for the Petitioner to fill. After the filling of the form the Officer conducts a check on the Civil Register for the Petitioner and Respondent’s information in order to have the NIN. The Court Order will then be taken to the Master and Registrar’s office and that of the officiating Imam for verification. After the verification of the Court Order and final Certificates of Divorce the Registration officer do process the Certificate of Registration and forward to the DG for approval. The cost is Two hundred thousand Leones (SLL200,000).