Shortlisted Candidates | Western Rural

Shortlisted Candidates (Center Supervisors, Journal Entry Officers, Queue Controllers, Registration Officers and Ward Coordinators) for the upcoming Confirmation and Registration Exercise | Western Rural


Below are the shortlisted candidates (Center Supervisors, Journal Entry Officers, Queue Controllers, Registration Officers and Ward Coordinators) for the upcoming Confirmation and Registration Exercise starting on the 24th March 2020.

1Abass Sesay Center Supervisor Western Rural088448018/075984920
2Abdallah Kargbo Center Supervisor Western Rural99344760
3Abdul Mackie Center Supervisor Western Rural80397072
4Abdul S. Turay Center Supervisor Western Rural34019437
5Abu Kemoh Feika Center Supervisor Western Rural76888786
6Abu Mohamed MansarayCenter Supervisor Western Rural34132770
7Alpha Balansara Kamara Center Supervisor Western Rural77238395
8Alusine Jalloh Center Supervisor Western Rural030442314/079332352
9Aminata Bamba Center Supervisor Western Rural76939020
10Aquilla BrownCenter Supervisor Western Rural30939393
11Christopher Sahr Fayia Center Supervisor Western Rural080685297/078141551
12David KpapuCenter Supervisor Western Rural78828109
13Eric Bangaley Center Supervisor Western Rural76913869
14Fatmata Charles Mambu Center Supervisor Western Rural78004773
15Fuad V. BaylayCenter Supervisor Western Rural78085677
16Gabriel FillieCenter Supervisor Western Rural78045849
17George Ronald HardingCenter Supervisor Western Rural76659696
18Hindolo M. Ngegba Center Supervisor Western Rural78690529
19Isata Beatrice Kamara Center Supervisor Western Rural30404461
20Isha I. GrantCenter Supervisor Western Rural79529211
21Jennifer BoimaCenter Supervisor Western Rural77382409
22John SesayCenter Supervisor Western Rural77590747
23Josephus Bandamassi CokerCenter Supervisor Western Rural30210648
24Juliana Bamdu Momoh Center Supervisor Western Rural78550154
25Maddi BanguraCenter Supervisor Western Rural78771767
26Mariama Seray KellyCenter Supervisor Western Rural78603378
27Mariatu Sarah Kamara Center Supervisor Western Rural79812210
28Mohamed Konta Jalloh Center Supervisor Western Rural78158531
29Mohamed L. Amid FoullahCenter Supervisor Western Rural33330792
30Mohamed MassaquoiCenter Supervisor Western Rural76841628
31Mohamed S. ContehCenter Supervisor Western Rural78619300
32Mohamed SillahCenter Supervisor Western Rural78434635
33Monica Sallay Sesay Center Supervisor Western Rural088698879/076737504
34Osman KamaraCenter Supervisor Western Rural76221440
35Remie RaffleCenter Supervisor Western Rural77483265
36Salieu BanguraCenter Supervisor Western Rural77370408
37Samuel Borbor Kpanga Center Supervisor Western Rural79583164
38Samuel Kamara Center Supervisor Western Rural77475401
39Sarah  BM Lebbie Center Supervisor Western Rural77807051
40Sarah Karim Center Supervisor Western Rural78859990
41Sheku Vanday Center Supervisor Western Rural76968717
42Sia Temoibdoh Ngegba Center Supervisor Western Rural76798173
43Soufian Yusif Kargbo Center Supervisor Western Rural77662784
44Yayah SesayCenter Supervisor Western Rural77457850
45Yvonne Macella NallieCenter Supervisor Western Rural79322417
46ABDUL KARIM MANSARAYCentre SupervisorWestern Rural077 454435/088 144349
47ABDULAI MOILAI CONTEHCentre SupervisorWestern Rural079 091 018
48ABU MUSTAPHA Centre SupervisorWestern Rural076 686500
49AHAMED KEBBIE KAMARACentre SupervisorWestern Rural076 878368.034 349 123
50ALIEU BADARA BANGURACentre SupervisorWestern Rural079 986 033/088 609207
51Amara GibrillaCentre SupervisorWestern Rural78352444
52ANTOINETTE KARIMCentre SupervisorWestern Rural030 714247/078 674120
53AUGUSTINE VIBBIE Centre SupervisorWestern Rural031 932164/077 932164
54BABAH  JABBIE Centre SupervisorWestern Rural077 032747/078 020379
55DANIEL MACAULLEYCentre SupervisorWestern Rural077 782856
56DUKURAY MOHAMED FOMBA DUKURAYCentre SupervisorWestern Rural077 908978/078 139189
57EDWARD JUMA ABUCentre SupervisorWestern Rural076 683308
58ELEANOR CAMPBELL Centre SupervisorWestern Rural079 900021
59EMMANUEL SHEIKU YAMBACentre SupervisorWestern Rural078 623936
60Ernest Patrick SesayCentre SupervisorWestern Rural76483425
61GOLDA RUTH PRATTCentre SupervisorWestern Rural030 267276
62HAWA JUSUCentre SupervisorWestern Rural088 318969
63IBRAHIM SALIHO DUKURAYCentre SupervisorWestern Rural078 240058/030 894440
64Idrissa KoromaCentre SupervisorWestern Rural078726737/077324195
65ISSA MOIWOHCentre SupervisorWestern Rural079 629303
66James PujehCentre SupervisorWestern Rural78945016
67JESTINA KELLIE Centre SupervisorWestern Rural079 706 402/088 639205
68M BRIWA FANIACentre SupervisorWestern Rural088 996241/076 597501
69MATHEW KAMANDA Centre SupervisorWestern Rural077 248454/076 247187
70MELVIN KELLY KOROMACentre SupervisorWestern Rural079 952 455/099 950533
71MOHAMED  AMARACentre SupervisorWestern Rural030 400590
72MOHAMEH SIDIQUE KAISAMBACentre SupervisorWestern Rural076 658650
73MOMOH FODAY BANGURACentre SupervisorWestern Rural099 393245/079 830325
74MOSES WILLO SESAYCentre SupervisorWestern Rural077 279223/078 952537
75REBEKAH GBASSAY  MULAICentre SupervisorWestern Rural077 554525/088 893858
76REGINA NICOLCentre SupervisorWestern Rural078 547741/034 547741
77SENESIE FOFANAH Centre SupervisorWestern Rural076 613605/031 283853
78SHEKU DEEN KOROMACentre SupervisorWestern Rural080 529 997
79SHEKU FOFANAH Centre SupervisorWestern Rural030 335635
80SHEKU SESAY Centre SupervisorWestern Rural088 384861
81Solomon BlakeCentre SupervisorWestern Rural30130558
82SORIE GBEDEH MANSARAYCentre SupervisorWestern Rural088 706 682
83TAMBA HALTERS Centre SupervisorWestern Rural079 724215/079 706009
84YANKUBA LOLLEH HABIBCentre SupervisorWestern Rural075 103424/088 262635
85ZAINAB MEH KOROMACentre SupervisorWestern Rural078 666 202
86Adama JallohJournal Entry Officer Western Rural79246136
87Adikalie Idris KamaraJournal Entry Officer Western Rural99234998
88Alhajie Inpha A.S. BanguraJournal Entry Officer Western Rural30801713
89Alicious kanuJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88351631
90Aminata SesayJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88425218
91Antony BaillayJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88419095
92Baimba Koroma Journal Entry Officer Western Rural77671599
93Christiana JohnsonJournal Entry Officer Western Rural30844279
94Crispin M. GarickJournal Entry Officer Western Rural23233606158
95Daniel NormanJournal Entry Officer Western Rural76108064
96Edward Sahr FodayJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88837156
97Elizabth SenesieJournal Entry Officer Western Rural31073251
98Esther Adama KoromaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88396366
99Esther R. JamesJournal Entry Officer Western Rural78933820
100Fayia J. Walker Journal Entry Officer Western Rural88514685
101Finda MayeiJournal Entry Officer Western Rural76336819
102Foday Lamin SesayJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88857616
103Haji KonnehJournal Entry Officer Western Rural78129455
104Hawanatu KoromaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural77555956
105Ibrahim  KoromaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural78544441
106Iye Bobby Abubakarr Journal Entry Officer Western Rural78683505
107Joseph KainesieJournal Entry Officer Western Rural79637899
108Joyce BonaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural30006672
109Kadiatu KamaraJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88160065
110Kadiatu KoromaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural34422705
111Kadiatu Minkialu contehJournal Entry Officer Western Rural78940802
112Lansana Fofanah Journal Entry Officer Western Rural79723766
113Mamadu Wurie JallohJournal Entry Officer Western Rural88280078
114Mohamed Saidu KamaraJournal Entry Officer Western Rural77900864
115Morlai Bangura Journal Entry Officer Western Rural88535384
116Muctaru Lahai Magona Journal Entry Officer Western Rural76717472
117Neneh Elizabeth KanuJournal Entry Officer Western Rural76393006
118Richard Amara Journal Entry Officer Western Rural76720997
119Salaimatu ContehJournal Entry Officer Western Rural77966286
120Samuel AnsumanaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural77603970
121Samuel LansanaJournal Entry Officer Western Rural76914891
122Sia Fillie Journal Entry Officer Western Rural33605895
123Smart Lamin CharleyJournal Entry Officer Western Rural078268168/077434638
124Thomas Askin LavalieJournal Entry Officer Western Rural77956870
125Tounkara KabinehJournal Entry Officer Western Rural80903226
126Vandi KallonJournal Entry Officer Western Rural887455000
127 Isatu Dumbuya Queue ControllerWestern Rural30032689
128Abdul Bai KoromaQueue ControllerWestern Rural76166992
129Abdul ContehQueue ControllerWestern Rural88307331
130Abdul Deen BanguraQueue ControllerWestern Rural88762759
131Abdul Karim SesayQueue ControllerWestern Rural99053315
132Abdul Kemoh SesayQueue ControllerWestern Rural99902650
133Abdulai LuseniQueue ControllerWestern Rural76421631
134Ada K. KamaraQueue ControllerWestern Rural80966089
135Adamsay JahQueue ControllerWestern Rural77678725
136Alhajie Alie TarawallieQueue ControllerWestern Rural99905338
137Alhassan SesayQueue ControllerWestern Rural80595836
138Alimamy Abdul ContehQueue ControllerWestern Rural88706443
139Aminata KoromaQueue ControllerWestern Rural88159761
140Anette Fumie JongoQueue ControllerWestern Rural76912438
141Ansu Tommy Queue ControllerWestern Rural80676880
142Arab SankohQueue ControllerWestern Rural88775987
143Baimbay SesayQueue ControllerWestern Rural79806200
144Bintu Konneh Queue ControllerWestern Rural99589079
145Bockarie Kawa Queue ControllerWestern Rural78713397
146Daniel Ellie Queue ControllerWestern Rural80001775
147Daniel Sesay Queue ControllerWestern Rural78367229
148Dora Sheku SillahQueue ControllerWestern Rural77537362
149Edrisa S.  BanguraQueue ControllerWestern Rural99163244
150Emmanuel S. Lamin Queue ControllerWestern Rural77215624
151Fatmata Julliet BockarieQueue ControllerWestern Rural99344856
152Foday Mohamed KamaraQueue ControllerWestern Rural88473546
153Francis Amara Queue ControllerWestern Rural33507303
154Henry FoningeQueue ControllerWestern Rural77421100
155Ishmail SesayQueue ControllerWestern Rural80240390
156Jestina  NgamohQueue ControllerWestern Rural30223703
157John BerbahQueue ControllerWestern Rural78419632
158Julius KamaraQueue ControllerWestern Rural77519869
159Kenneth MorrieQueue ControllerWestern Rural99400179
160Mariama Alicia ContehQueue ControllerWestern Rural33932288
161Mariama Kamara Queue ControllerWestern Rural88595179
162Memunatu Nicholson Queue ControllerWestern Rural76841212
163Memunatu Seramodu DumbuyaQueue ControllerWestern Rural88592095
164Mohamed BarrieQueue ControllerWestern Rural79868150
165Mohamed Juldeh BarrieQueue ControllerWestern Rural31334945
166Mohamed Somah KamaraQueue ControllerWestern Rural77373109
167Peter JusuQueue ControllerWestern Rural88698690
168Sahr YayahQueue ControllerWestern Rural78273852
169slyvanus Conteh Queue ControllerWestern Rural30876965
170Sylvanus Jawa KaillieQueue ControllerWestern Rural77632824
171Thaimu Kamara Queue ControllerWestern Rural77678435
172Ibrahim KamaraRegistration OfficerWestern Rural34003995
173Octavia MusaRegistration OfficerWestern Rural30939393
174Abdaniru J Salankoley Registration Officer Western Rural76469183
175Aminata DumbuyaRegistration Officer Western Rural88512939
176Andrew Mohamed Registration Officer Western Rural76765704
177Augustine Y. SenesieRegistration Officer Western Rural77984894
178Berbah JahRegistration Officer Western Rural76106546
179Charles Ibrahim Makay KamaraRegistration Officer Western Rural78574174
180Crispin M. GarickRegistration Officer Western Rural99247928
181Dauda SankohRegistration Officer Western Rural30716474
182Emmaria M. LewisRegistration Officer Western Rural77974290
183Fatmata Faith Sesay Registration Officer Western Rural79008417
184Foday Kamara Registration Officer Western Rural99554144
185Foday Mohamed MansarayRegistration Officer Western Rural88945785
186Hassan TamimuRegistration Officer Western Rural79402409
187Hawanatu KargboRegistration Officer Western Rural34447736
188Ibrahim K. KargboRegistration Officer Western Rural099155919/075845798
189Joseph Sama Banya Registration Officer Western Rural99842909
190Komrabai ContehRegistration Officer Western Rural99235598
191Lawerence Lahai BorborRegistration Officer Western Rural79060307
192Maada Desmond KebbieRegistration Officer Western Rural77389976
193Mamadu Alpha BahRegistration Officer Western Rural76203813
194Mamie Hannah BoimaRegistration Officer Western Rural76559591
195Margaret Sara KoromaRegistration Officer Western Rural79989732
196Millicent Yeawa MahulorRegistration Officer Western Rural78310033
197Mohamed ContehRegistration Officer Western Rural77821088
198Mohamed David Sankoh Registration Officer Western Rural77929040
199mohamed JallohRegistration Officer Western Rural23279627660
200Momoh VandiRegistration Officer Western Rural77294520
201Mustapha DukurayRegistration Officer Western Rural78326376
202Mustapha Lawanill SenesieRegistration Officer Western Rural77430533
203Sallamatu KamaraRegistration Officer Western Rural77389023
204 Ishmael Myelo BarrieWard CoordinatorWestern Rural88559193
205Abdul center supervisorhWard CoordinatorWestern Rural78828058
206Ahmed Saidu Fullah Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural777797269
207Alexandre Nicholas Squire Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural78399456
208Alfred Saliah-KonnehWard CoordinatorWestern Rural78730607
209Bockarie Sengbe Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76450132
210Darlington Joshua Quee Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76494044
211Dohine Lahai Mammy Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural30714788
212Emmanuel LansanaWard CoordinatorWestern Rural76734555
213Esther Foday BanguraWard CoordinatorWestern Rural076440096/077669106
214Francis B Penyikie Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural78763572
215Jane Morwo Rogers Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural79799739
216John Simbo MoiforayWard CoordinatorWestern Rural79320389
217John SwarayWard CoordinatorWestern Rural79544900
218Malikie Abu Kamara Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural88460515
219Mariama KamaraWard CoordinatorWestern Rural088833737/076102366
220Michael NgebehWard CoordinatorWestern Rural76564727
221mohamed caulker Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76602111
222Mohamed H. K Abu Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76602111
223Mohamed KoromaWard CoordinatorWestern Rural78466914/076843852
224Mohamed M. TurayWard CoordinatorWestern Rural77545613
225Mohamed Tangabay Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural79565621
226Mustapha Koroma Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural78155896/077816068
227Philip Mans-KargboWard CoordinatorWestern Rural078766336/088000635
228Regina Mansaray Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural78158454
229Saffa Kpaka Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76642862
230Sahr Emmanuel Yongai Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76100334
231Samba LansanaWard CoordinatorWestern Rural099200909/076424514
232Samuel Lanford Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural76602111
233Sidnella Sally Nawei Ward CoordinatorWestern Rural78300039/099530779
234Solomon Isa FofanaWard CoordinatorWestern Rural76881111
235Theodora JohnWard CoordinatorWestern Rural78350300
236Umu Glorious Sia LaminWard CoordinatorWestern Rural76974497

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