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Brima Victor Kamara : Deputy Director General, NCRA

MR. BRIMA VICTOR KAMARA – Deputy Director General

Brima Victor Kamara is an experienced and resut oriented Community and Public Health Professional and System Strengthening Specialist with an advanced degree in Public Health with over 20 years’ experience working with Humanitarian International Non-Governmental Organisations, State and Non- state actors and UN Agencies in local and global context in improving public administration and governance through Right -Based Approach.

Brima is coming in to the job with over 20 years demonstrated history in programme planning & management,Resource Mobilization, fund management, intersectoral public governance,  and  systems strengthening for improved service delivery

Mr. Kamara was recruited as staff of the NCRA in April 2019 as Head(Deputy Director) of  the Directorate of Births and Deaths. He served as Principal Assistant to the Director General of the National Civil Registration on  Births and Deaths administration, management and programming thus  contributing to the overall programme management of both GoSL and Donor funds in  Systems Strengthening  of  Civil Registration & Vital System  for improved public administration and good governance

He has proven  competencies in  managing multi donor funds and  re-engineering system set up for national programmes  like Civil Registration Vital statistics and Identity Management  for improved public administration and good governance with multi-sectorial dimensions .

Experienced working with different Organizations has helped to broaden Mr. Kamara’s knowledge and skills in managing multi-donor funds with high impactful dividend and accountability. In addition, Mr. Brima Victor Kamara has strong advisory, leadership and organizational skills, and can operate effectively in a multicultural environment at all levels. Mr Kamara is happily married with children.