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The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA)

                                                                                                   ADVERTISEMENT OF SUPPLIER REGISTRATION
The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) is in the process of updating its Database of Suppliers (both International and Local) and hereby request eligible Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants who have the capacity to supply goods, works and services within and outside of Sierra Leone to express their interest (Expression of Interest) in order to be registered into an appropriate category as outlined below:

1. Office Stationery
2. Computers and Accessories
3. Office Equipment
4. Office Furniture and Fittings
5. Provision/Food Stuff
6. Motor Vehicle and Machinery
7. Motor Cycle/ Bikes
8. Spare Parts (Vehicles, Generators and Motor Cycles/ Bikes)
9. Lubricants
10. Building Materials
11. Electrical and Electronics Equipment
12. Fire Protection Equipment and Supplies
13. Safety/Rain Gears and Uniforms
14. Office Supplies (Toiletries)
15. Sundries

1. Fumigation and Pest Control
2. Graphic Design, Printing and Promotional Items
3. Travelling and Reservation Services
4. Catering Services
5. ICT Services (Website Hosting and Development, Data Management, Software Development, Networking ICT Infrastructure etc.)
6. General Maintenance Services ( Computer, Photocopier, Printer, Generator, ACs)
7. Plumbing Service and Equipment
8. Vehicle Service and Repairs
9. Fuel and Lubricant supply
10. Vehicle Rentals
11. Training and Facilitator Services
12. Event Making
13. Tailoring Services
14. Communication Service Providers

1. Construction Works
2. Rehabilitation and Refurbishment of Buildings

Submissions will be evaluated in line with the requested documents listed below:
1. A Business Profile
2. A Valid Copy of a Business Registration Certificate
3. A valid Copy of current NRA Tax Clearance Certificate
4. A Certified Copy of GST Certificate
5. A Valid Copy of a NASSIT Clearance Certificate
6. A Valid Works Certificate from Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure (MWHI) indicating the Class of Construction (For Civil Works Contractors only)
7. Contractors can also supply details of equipment holdings i.e. type of equipment, their functions and specifications
8. Evidence of financial capacity to supply goods, works and services in the category of operation.
9. Evidence of Past Performance
10. A Valid Copy of a Municipal License.

Note: The Authority is at liberty to verify all the above listed submissions with the appropriate authorities. Standards set forth in this advert are in conformity with the National Public Procurement Authority Categorization and NCRA’s Management Policies. As a result, only Suppliers, Contractors and Consultants who meet the requisite specifications will be shortlisted and included into the NCRA Database for further consideration.

The National Civil Registration Authority would like to inform the public that registration as a Supplier does not constitute automatic offer of business. The Registration of Suppliers shall be an ongoing exercise to accommodate new entrants in the supply and delivery of Goods, Works and Services in the various categories listed above.

All Expressions of Interest should be submitted not later than Thursday 31st August, 2018 at 12:00 Noon to the address below:

The Procurement and Logistics Manager
National Civil Registration Authority
2, Walpole Street Freetown.

For the Attention of:
The Director General
National Civil Registration Authority
2 Walpole Street Freetown.